Violet Flame Ring

Purple Amethyst Ring in solid 18K White Gold,
Handmade item, Only 2 available

Pricing: US$1,136

Ships worldwide from Hong Kong

The Violet Flame is a unique spiritual energy that helps one transform and transmute all kinds of negativity. Amethyst is a natural stress reliever which encourages inner strength and a kind of crystal for spiritual growth and protection, and it brings clarity to the mind of the owner and helps one become more in tune with his/her own feelings. The crystal attracts the positive energy and repels the negative one.

This stunning Violet Amethyst, originates from Brazil, is all natural, with magnificent translucent purple. It is cut in a Marquise facet. It weighs in about 4.7 carats and is of very high quality and in exquisite color. It has been graded VS clarity and is non-treated.

The S-shaped design of the ring is a symbolic design referring the non-stop pouring of Violet Flame. The combination of the vivid purple and the high carat white gold adds a modern chic to the design.


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