Archangel Michael Ring

Violet blue Tanzanite Deep Blue Sapphire Ring
in solid 18K Gold, Handmade item,
only 2 available

Pricing: US$1,175

Ships worldwide from Hong Kong

Archangel Michael is very popular for his protection power to those who call upon him. His strong power of protection is reflected from his Sword of Blue Flame which is the core design of this Ring.

Violet blue Tanzanite is chosen as the major stone for the design. Tanzanite is relatively rare, only comes from the Merelani Hills in Tanzania of East Africa. It is not especially durable and should be worn with care. []

Tanzanite is also a stone of transmutation. It is one of the most invaluable stone types of all metaphysical crystals for spiritual exploration. It brings together the mind and heart. [Melody, 634][Hall II, 335-336][Simmons, 392]

This timeless Tanzanite is cut in a Marquise facet. It weighs in about 1.25 carats and has been graded VS clarity. The combination of Deep Blue Sapphire and Tanzanite is characterized with the symbolic Sword of Blue Flame of Archangel Michael in this design. I hope those who wear this ring will be bestowed with the full protection by Archangel Michael.


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