My name is Deon Lai, the founder of Queen of Light Jewelry. The seed of my Company establishment was first sowed when I was having my spiritual trip to Egypt three years ago. The idea of incorporating modern design/ components to the Egyptian jewelry, with Egyptian God and Goddess images as the blue print, flipped through my mind shortly after the exploration there. I call this kind of jewel ornament as the ‘power jewelry’ for it can uplift the energy level of those who put it on, which is similar to the spiritual power of a cross.

The idea of designing power jewelry came to fruition early last year with the inspiration coming from the Holograms of Sacred Flames and Archangels. My instant feeling is to design some wonderful jewelry rings, embodied with the spiritual support, for people’s daily wear by taking reference from these Holograms and stories of Archangels.

More about myself…I am an experienced fundraiser, a yoga practitioner, an aroma therapy follower and now a jewelry designer. Most importantly, I am just an ordinary person who dares to dream. I believe that nothing is impossible as long as you make the first step for your aspiration and are determined to make it happen, and your dream will come true one day with your perseverance.

The birth of my inaugural Archangel Rings Collection cannot come true without the spiritual guidance and unfailing support from my teachers, friends and family, and I would like to take this opportunity to express my deepest gratitude to them all.

Deon Lai

founder of Queen of Light Jewelry.